Finalization of the Halo CE Campaign port and outstanding issues in it.

Greetings. Its been awhile since I have posted publicly. As the title suggests, the port is being finalized at the moment, for the most part. I will be uploading a new build of d40 (The Maw) later today with some small fixes, however. There is a very small list of issues that, as far as I can tell, are beyond my skills to fix. Here is the list;

1. The shuttle bay door on a50 (Truth and Reconciliation) is missing its off shader.

2. Some objects, or parts of objects, on d40 aren’t properly affected by the fog in the level.

Those are the only two issues. After finalization, I might start on my next project right away, or wait a little while to start it. If/when I find fixes for the listed issues, I will upload new builds for the affected levels.