Finalization of the Halo CE Campaign port and outstanding issues in it.

Greetings. Its been awhile since I have posted publicly. As the title suggests, the port is being finalized at the moment, for the most part. I will be uploading a new build of d40 (The Maw) later today with some small fixes, however. There is a very small list of issues that, as far as I can tell, are beyond my skills to fix. Here is the list;

1. The shuttle bay door on a50 (Truth and Reconciliation) is missing its off shader.

2. Some objects, or parts of objects, on d40 aren’t properly affected by the fog in the level.

Those are the only two issues. After finalization, I might start on my next project right away, or wait a little while to start it. If/when I find fixes for the listed issues, I will upload new builds for the affected levels.


8 thoughts on “Finalization of the Halo CE Campaign port and outstanding issues in it.”

  1. You said that you needed “artistic skill” to fix the shuttle bay door. Does this mean it is completely doable and it just needs said file. Would the original xbox files not have it?


    1. Yes, it is doable. The original Xbox off shader will not work, according to Waffles, because of file format differences between the Xbox and PC versions of Halo, which means one has to be made from scratch.


      1. You probably know more about this than me so sorry of this seems pressing. Is there not a method to covert said files somehow. I swear topics like this have come up in the past where methods have been provided to port stuff from the Xbox to PC. Unless I am remembering wrong. Even if it isn’t possible the original effect was the shield just fading away. I don’t know how Halo does stuff but wouldn’t just lowering the opacity on the current shield do it? Better yet if it cannot be done due to lack of capable artist just ditching it and reworking one that does even if it isn’t the same. Maybe CMT will be something to look at.


      2. It was suggested a while back that I should look at the off shader for the prison doors as a reference for what to do. Last time I looked at it, it was a bit more complicated than simply messing with the opacity. The energy barrier is mostly gone, but, there is a subtle energy field around the doorway. I’m not confident in my limited artistic skills that I would be able to replicate that effect for the Shuttle Bay door. I will need to look up some tutorials at the CE3 website for creating shaders for Halo CE.


  2. so you will not update this anymore? i just wanted to ask you to use the HUD from lumoria is the same but in a bigger resolution.
    other thing that i want to report is that there are some weird things -bugs?- like the funky looking glass in some structures -Assault on the Control Room- and in the first encounter with the flood the MC grabs the chip in a very weird way -stick into the hand-


    1. As of now, I am taking a break from Halo CE modding. I will get back to it once I have a little more experience. I didn’t notice any funky looking glass during my testing. Make sure your has not been modified. Its “date modified” date should be 4/17/2004 5:06 PM. I will look into the chip issue later on, though I never noticed anything wrong with the way the Master Chief grabbed the chip.


  3. the level on assault on control room when the level first starts the glass has some rainbow like colors to them when i look a the glass from one angle it is pink and from another angle it is green this glass is located in the hallways when you first exit the pelican.


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