Update on things…

Greetings. It’s hard to believe it has been over a year since I last posted an update on anything.Mostly, I’ve been writing down stuff in my personal OneNote, but, I have not posted a thing here since February 2015. I have been updating all of the pages currently here. I may as well post an update.

For starters, until I get the steam to work on this stuff going again, any releases will be “when it’s ready”, due to working so much on college work. The Star Wars Battlefront II mod project is on hold, if not scrubbed. I want to resume work on the Halo CE campaign port eventually, but, if Halo MCC is confirmed to be coming to Windows 10, the project will be canned, as it is. But, I have been thinking about doing a “Halo Campaign: Ultimate Edition”, which is basically an expansion of my mini mod idea from awhile back. Here are the basic ideas of this mod;

  1. Back-porting Halo Anniversary sounds, models, HUD, bsps, etc… to Halo CE.
  2. Bring multiplayer-exclusive content into the campaign, with high-quality sounds and models to go with the Halo Anniversary stuff (the Fuel Rod Gun will have basis in the one found in Annivesary, but, will be playable).
  3. Fix issues with the campaign port, similar to how it is currently being done.
  4. Use Open Sauce to give the game a visual upgrade that is akin to Anniversary (though it will never be on par the actual game, due to running on the original graphics engine instead of the Anniversary graphics engine).

I’ve also had an idea for a “CMT Firefight” that acts as a sandbox for SPV3 and Evolved content, merged into one seamless experience (based on SPV3 balancing, with some new additions). I can’t say what this will be like at this point.I will have more to post, once the SPV3 tagset gets released.

In regards to other games. For “Left 4 Dead 2”, I’ve been making a Steam workshop collection of mods, called Halo: Outbreak, to turn the game into a Halo-themed one. These mods have gotten me to play the game, so, I figured I make a workshop collection to shows the ones I use to get the best Halo-like experience. None of the mods are by me, but, they work well together.

That’s all for now. Thank you for ready. I’ll try posting again later on.

Edit: I’ve also decided that I will restore a limited amount of cut content. Unlike SPV3, I want to maintain a mostly stock experience, so, content restoration will mostly be limited to things that are already placed in the levels, but, are never triggered. The Flamethrower already falls under multiplayer content, but, there is a possibility that I will restore its original functionality from the Xbox version that Gamecheat13 demonstraited. Outside of that, weapon restoration, if I go forward with it, will be limited to weapons with files that can be found in one version or another of the game, that do not overlap in terms of functionality with existing weapons (though they will be updated to fit the anniversary look). Also, there is a small possibilty that some of the encounters will be redesigned to fit with what happened in the book “Halo: The Flood”. This does not mean new levels or extensions to exisiting levels, just encounters that fit within the confines of the stock game.