I am a PC Gaming enthusiast. PC Gaming is basically playing on a personal computer as opposed to a dedicated gaming console. This style of gaming has many perks. The one that this blog will cover is game modifications, or mods for short. Mods are basically user-created DLC, though they have existed long before the concept of modern DLC. But mods, unlike most modern DLC, can dramatically alter how a games plays, including changing what genre of game it is (First Person Shooter to Real Time Strategy, for example). I got into creating my own mods, back in 2014. I created this blog for the purpose of keeping people up to date on my mod work, as well as making it easier to find them once they are uploaded. I have been on an extended break for real life reasons (college, mainly) A secondary purpose is to keep an archive of hard to find mods I come across, or mods that are otherwise impossible to find.

If you have any suggestions for any mods I am making, please leave a comment and I’ll look into it eventually. If you have a hard to find mod that you have kept a backup of, and you don’t have the means of creating a backup that everyone can use, please, share it so I can archive it for people to find in the future.


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Posting updates on my mods and archiving hard to find mods.

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