Archived Mods

As the name suggests, this page hosts a link to mods that I am archiving so people can find them easily. If you have a mod that needs archiving, please, leave a comment. Also,if you are the author of any of these mods (and I can verify that you are), you can request for them to be taken down, preferably because the mod is hosted elsewhere. I will also remove mods if I see they have been uploaded elsewhere officially. Here is a list of archived mods so far;

Elsweyr Anequina-Valenwood Improved Patch – This patch is for these two province mods for The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Being that the provinces of Elsweyr and Valenwood are right beside each other, and these mods are by different authors, there is bound to be conflicts at the border. This was originally hosted at the Oblivion Nexus, but, was taken down for reasons unknown. I recovered this from an old backup of mine.

AIX2 Mappack – This mappack is for version 2 of the Allied Intent Extended (AIX for short) mod for Battlefield 2. The mod is a singleplayer overhaul for the game. While the core mod can still be found, the mappacks aren’t as easy, with the shutdown of the AIX2 website. I couldn’t save the version 1 mappack because the shutdown was sudden. Fortunately, I had a copy of the version 2 mappack laying around.

Here is a link to download these archived mods;


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Posting updates on my mods and archiving hard to find mods.

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