Updated Halo Custom Edition Campaign Port (and some other Custom Edition-related stuff)

The goal of this mod was to provide an updated port of the Halo Combat Evolved campaign to Halo Custom Edition.

Halo Custom Edition is a moddable version of the PC port of the first Halo game. This version is a free standalone upgrade of the PC version, but, requires you to legally own a retail PC CD Key in order to play. You don’t need the retail version installed in order to use the key, however.

Halo Custom Edition, by default, has no singleplayer campaign. Years ago, Renamon worked on porting the campaign to Custom Edition. The problem? The port was riddled with issues due to corruption caused by the process of extracting the assets from the retail PC edition, such as graphical corruption and AI not being able to throw grenades, and he/she never attempted to fix these issues. No one else had, either… at least for the stock campaign. Everyone loves to make modded campaigns (no disrespect, some of these modded campaigns are really good), but, no one had ever attempted to fix the stock campaign until I decided to give it a go around 2013. Using resources found on Halomaps, as well as those provided by community members, I tried to fix as many issues as I could, not only with the port from PC to CE, but, also from Xbox to PC. Early in 2015, I lost steam and had not done much with it since. in terms of actual work. Here is a list of fixes that were implemented and those I wanted to implement.

Fixes from PC to CE;

  • Fixed AI grenade throwing. AI couldn’t throw grenades because of corrupt throw velocity values for actor_variants (thanks to various people, such as Masterz1337, for providing info on this, as well as estimate values for the velocities).
  • Addressed Sentinel shields so they aren’t constantly visible on Sentinels that don’t have shields at all. Though I think, due to some issue with the modifications Gearbox made to CE’s engine, I can’t seem to get the shields to appear only when damaged.
  • Fixed an issue with health packs on A10 (Pillar of Autumn) and D40 (The Maw) that were on the ground when they were suppose to be on the wall.

Fixes from Xbox to PC;

  • Fixed several instances of missing multipurpose maps and shaders, such as for the Assault Rifle and Halo ring (thanks to Bungie for the original assets and to various community members for bringing them to Custom Edition).
  • Addressed issues with Jackal and stationary shields. Because of the rendering engine for Halo on PC, these issues can’t truly be fixed. Jackal shields are now colored based on rank, and both those and stationary shields have a damage shader (I originally used CMT’s Jackal Shields, but, switched to the Lumoria shields. Thanks to TM mapping team for those. Also, thanks to SOI7 for the damage shader for the stationary shields).
  • Fixed fog in the exterior areas of B40, so that it looks just like what can be found on the Xbox.
  • Fixed several lightning effects, such as those found in C20 (The Library) and the Monitor’s lightning tendril.
  • Fixed a couple of instances of objects having incorrect impact materials.

Fixes not implemented from PC to CE

  • Fix graphical issues with glass on B40 (Assault on the Control Room) and C40 (Two Betrayals).
  • Fix some encounters, so they work properly, such as the first encounter on a50 (Truth and Reconciliation).

Fixes not implemented from Xbox to PC

  • Fix the issue with the shuttle bay door on A50 missing its off shader.
  • Fix the Longsword missing its multipurpose map.
  • Fix the missing shield flare for the Master Chief’s shields when recharging.
  • Fix Cortana not changing colors in Halo’s Control Center.
  • Fix issues with fog on several levels.
  • Fix some other graphical issues caused by the port from Xbox to PC.
  • Fix the off-center elevation markers inside the Sniper Rifle scope, and modify the Sniper Rifle scope overlay to look more like the Xbox version (namely, saying 10x, as opposed to 8x, for the 2nd level of zoom).
  • Attempt to fully fix the sentinel shield problem.

Get the updated maps from here;


Thank you to Zetren from Open Carnage and Vaporeon for archiving these. I initially got rid of them after MosesofEgypt released his port. But, that version, despite the initial claims, is not 100% bug free (no disrespect to Moses, he has done more for the community than I have. Just pointing that detail out). Issues with dialogue, primarily. Not saying mine is perfect. Its more of a personal preference thing on the user end at this time for what issues they want to deal with. So, I am leaving this link here. It will not go down unless I get a new port released or a solar flair hits Earth (though with that latter case, we would have to worry about more than just some maps for a video game). Also, here is a link to Zetren’s Halo PC/CE enhancement guide


This iteration of the campaign is provided AS IS. If I do finally decide to get back to modding, I am going to rebuild everything from scratch, and some issues previously pointed out will be ignore, since they were bugs that been in the since the original Xbox release. General rule of thumb, if a bug originates from the Xbox version, then it will remain. Inversely, if there are bugs that got fixed from the port from Xbox to PC, then I will likely try to recreate them IF they are not game-breaking. I will still fix issues specific to PC/CE, however.

If Halo: MCC is ported to PC at any point before reworking the project (and the MCC port works good), then this project, in its current form, will be permanently canceled (though I’ll leave the downloads up). I will not leave Halo CE. It will always have a place in my collection.


19 thoughts on “Updated Halo Custom Edition Campaign Port (and some other Custom Edition-related stuff)”

    1. Its is as final as its gonna get for now. College work, and some of the stuff is beyond my current skill set to fix/address. Don’t worry, I still have all the files for the update.


      1. Holy crap thank you so much for this. I just got CMT SPV3 going but I kind of disliked a few additions they’ve made to A10 and wanted to play through it vanilla to make sure I wasn’t misremembering stuff. I couldn’t get the vanilla maps to work with their UI.map file (or any other one for that matter). I was about to give up when I found this post and it is -exactly- what I was looking for. Its not just the vanilla maps but has the fixed Assault Rifle, Jackal Shields, and volatile grenades (at least on A30).

        I’ll gladly donate $30 to you to keep the efforts going if that is what it takes.

        Also I had no idea there were rumors about MCC coming to Windows 10 but honestly I’m all for preserving games as close to their original states if possible. I’d still love to have this and MCC both if I could.

        Again, from the bottom of my heart thank you for hosting these. This was a needle in a haystack to find to solve my problem 🙂


    1. I will do that actually. Let me finish my current SPV3 playthrough, then I will take a look at what needs to be done. Thank you for your contribution. One question, though. Where is the best place to get Python at? I always get confused where to go whenever I need it for anything.


      1. There are 2 major versions of python: 2 and 3. I write everything in 3, so that’s what you should install to use my tools. 2 and 3 are incompatible with each other for a variety of reasons. You can download every available version of python here:
        Grab 3.5 or 3.6. I use 3.5, but 3.6 SHOULD work. You should look through the comments in that thread I linked to earlier btw, as it includes comments about what is/isnt done. Have fun.


  1. hi austen!

    i just tried to download your maps but the OneDrive folder seems to be empty right now.

    have you taken down the files?
    are you working on them and planning to upload a new version later?

    thank you


  2. yo first i commend you and mosses on this outstanding work for this is exactly what i want to see done with Halo CE, for i have been playing the halo PC version With a half complete Xbox Restoration Mod which fixes missing shaders also using chimera with “halo PC” for interpolation so 4th, is there any possible way to mod the jackal shield offest into “halo PC” if not ill gladly wait for this sexy remake of CE for all i want is to play it like it was on XBOX,
    also something i found amazingly fun was combining a thirperson cam program, and using Cheat_bump_possession 1 then i can grab a AI biped and play through most of lvls as a marine,weaker ship crew, and even captain keyes, its really quite tactical and so much fun, The marines are quite a challenge on legendary, even lets u pick up health packs and ova shields, Cheers so u think its worth downloading mosses current version or should i just wait for this thanks 🙂


  3. I’ve been playing Moses’s refined campaign and I’ve encountered a lot of dialogue bugs. There are also a lot of bugs in the original game regardless of version which I can tell you about in more detail if you email me. I hope at least you’ll fix and fully feature the original campaign before and if you backport everything from Anniversary.


    1. I plan on starting back up during spring or christmas break from college. I noticed the dialouge bugs aa well with his campaign, and I will look into them, since I will be using it as a base.


      1. Please consider releasing a version that is faithful to Xbox version of Halo with high res HUD when you are finished.


  4. Since you mentioned that you want to make the fuel rod cannons that the grunts wield be usable, that got me thinking about other non-usable weapons. It would pretty awesome if you made hunters drop their fuel rod cannons as well. The red hunters in SPV2 drop a fuel rod cannon that fits the original graphics style very well, so maybe Masterz would let you use that. Getting a reward for facing hard enemies like hunters makes the fights much more satisfying (making it so the pistol doesn’t one hit kill hunters would spice up gameplay too). Another possibility is to make sentinels drop sentinel beams. Not as awesome as hunter guns but still cool. Basically, playing through the original Halo but being able to wield all the weapons that my enemies wield would be really cool and a nice way enjoy the original but have a few more weapon options. After having played SPV3, it’s hard to go back to the original since there are so few weapons. Anyway, if you’re open to releasing a few different versions of the campaign eventually, I think this would be a really nice addition.


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